Friday, July 30, 2010

The 2010 Top Comics Blog Awards

There is a new gadget located at the top, left hand side of this page. I am very honored to have received recognition as one of 2010's Top Comics Blogs from Madison Evans and the fine folks at Online Schools.

The award winners for this category were announced on July 26, 2010. Nominations for next year's 2011 award have already begun.

This award highlights the very best blogs to learn about comics on the Internet that were nominated by the Internet community, and is designed to thank the authors for their contribution toward the world wide web we all use & enjoy.

Awards candidates are found by one method: Anonymous nominations that are open to the Internet community.

This allows Online Schools to generate a candidate list that is based upon what the Internet determines as being good, original content. They apparently stay away from a voting system because the only information that typically gives is how well a site's readership can click a button.

After a list of candidates is compiled, they then filter the list to ensure that each site qualifies for the category and then give the list to be scored by a panel of 5 judges. Each judge rates each blog across 20 different attributes, including content, frequency of updates, amount of advertising, length of posts, and readability. This then provides each site with a ‘subjective’ score.

These ratings are combined into an aggregate total for the 5 judges. The amount of nominations are also converted into a score, and this score combined with the aggregate score gives the blog its final rating.

The ratings are then compared for each site within a category and awards are given out to blogs in the 99% percentile (meaning only the top 1% of blogs receive awards).

The Comic Book Catacombs is in very fine company this year, too. Among the other recipients are my fellow blogger's Diversions of the Groovy Kind, Gold Key Comics!, Silver Age Comics, Grantbridge Street and Other Misadventures, The Horrors Of It All, Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine, Apocolyte's World of Comics, Cole's Comics, The Ghost Who Blogs and The Bronze Age of Blogs (all are listed in my links section on the left side of this page).

Congratulations to each of you guys. I would also like to add a special "thank you" to everyone who nominated the Catacombs for this award. I appreciate your support more than you could know!


Unca Jeffy said...

A belated congrats to you!

Your blog is certainly in the top echelon's of my fave comics blogs. Glad to see I have such good taste!

Very deserving!

Chuck Wells said...

Thanks, Jeff!