Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tim Dawson, Soldier of Fortune in "The Adventure of Capt. Cragget" (Nedor;1944)

Friends, it has been six months since our blogging buddy, Kid Terror, has posted anything over at his "Nedor-A-Day" blog (in the links section). Long-time followers of the Catacombs know that yours truly is a dyed-in-the-wool fan of the golden age company known variously as Better/Standard/Nedor/Pines, so I'm going to devote a little effort to filling that particular void. Starting today and continuing on subsequent Saturdays, expect some fun golden age stories that will allow me to scratch at the door of superhero stuff, although I'm skewing towards some jungle-flavored action today in order to ease into the groove.

My initial "Nedor-A-Weekend" post is from Wonder Comics #1 (May 1944). Sadly while artists Bob Oksner and Al Camy are credited on the other stories from this classic issue, nobody has been identified in the GCD for "The Adventure of Capt. Cragget", starring Jim Dawson, Soldier of Fortune. That doesn't mean that I'm not gonna post it, I'm just saying. The remaining stories from this issue will be forthcoming, but in no particular order.



Darci said...

It's hard to make out if the first character is a J or a T, but if you check the dialog in the next panel you'll see that this is Tim Dawson.
Hope this helps,

Chuck Wells said...

Darci, when you're right, you're right; and you are right. "Tim" it is!

Darci said...

Hi Chuck,
Someone at the GCD has attributed the art for this story to Ken Battefield. That's not in Jerry Bails' Who's Who, so I wonder why?