Friday, July 9, 2010

"Gal" Friday! Odette Yustman

Twenty-five year old actress, Odette Yustman debuted at an early age, playing a young, Spanish-speaking student named Rosa in 1990's Kindergarten Cop (opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger) and later appeared on various television shows and movies such as South Beach and October Road. In 2008, she starred in J. J. Abrams' successful giant-monster movie, Cloverfield. She also provided the voice of the character Amata in the game Fallout 3. Odette next appeared in the horror thriller The Unborn, released in 2009 amid much buzz generated by the international poster for Unborn that seemed to exploit Yustman's physical attractiveness.

My question is, "What the heck was wrong with that?" Enjoy!


Sam G said...

This is who I would cast as Wonder Woman. Stunning.

Unknown said...

yeah, she's definitely worthy of exploiting! lol