Friday, July 30, 2010

"Gal" Friday! Eve Myles

Eve Myles is a Welsh actress who is best known for playing lead characters in Belonging and as ex-police officer Gwen Cooper in the Doctor Who spin-off program, Torchwood on BBC Wales.

Eve also appeared in the first episode of Merlin, called "The Dragon's Call" where she played the dual roles of Lady Helen and Mary Collins, a witch who impersonated her, and in Little Dorrit (where she played Maggy).

It was announced in July 2010, that Myles has signed on to appear in a BBC TV Wales remake of The Fabulous Baker Boys, plus she will reprise her signature role of Gwen Cooper on the fourth season of Torchwood for 2011.

Eve Myles brings an extraordinary level of human empathy, warmth and a surprising degree of sexuality to "Gwen Cooper", indeed if you can watch episodes of the series and not fall in love with her character - well - you're made of stronger stuff than me. In fact, Torchwood integrates levels of adult sexuality across all genders and persuasions that might shock the uninitiated, but with excellent story lines that are tailored for more mature audiences, it may also be one of the best sci-fi series ever produced. Check it out!

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