Saturday, July 31, 2010

Spectro the Mind Reader in "The Peril of the Professor" (Nedor;1944)

"Nedor-A-Weekend" continues with the next selected story from Wonder Comics #1 (May 1944), with art by Al Camy.

Robert Morgan was the descendant of a 17th century sorcerer who was burned at the stake after being accused of performing black magic. Morgan was a telepath with the ability to read the minds of anyone he could see. Morgan utilized this talent in his career as a stage magician billed as "Spectro the Mind Reader". When a man murders a woman during his act and then kills himself, Spectro is taunted by an audience member who challenges him to solve the crime. Spectro quickly learns that this person is an agent of his nemesis "The Professor", who had been sent to monitor the killer (who had actually been hypnotized to commit the murder).

Come back next Saturday for another adventure starring the Grim Reaper from the same issue. Enjoy!

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