Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch

I'm anxious to begin the rollover to August posts, but I'm also taking a breather today after logging an uninterrupted thirteen day run at work.

Bear with me while I post a cover from an issue that I'm not planning on buying, Mighty Avengers #24. The artwork is by Khoi Pham and it looks really good, I particularly like the look of Quicksilver's costume. It homages his original suits colors and overall appearance in fine fashion, so I hope that they stick with this version for some time to come. It's nice to see the Maximoff siblings together on this cover and this is the reason that I'm posting this image.

Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are two of my favorite Avengers and Marvel has treated both of them like shit for many years. Wanda & Pietro were long-time valued, trusted regulars on the Avengers roster and both overcame a sordid past (including time with the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants). They certainly earned better than they've received. Each has been portrayed as bat-shit crazy or become villains or both - sometimes worse. However even with that crud, it's also beyond ridiculous to me to have so many different Avengers titles to choose from on the racks. One was sufficient for me!

Out of all of the current crop, Secret Avengers has the best team roster, the best atmosphere dynamic and the creative team that appeals to me; so for the moment I'm buying & enjoying Secret Avengers quite a bit. The minute any one of these elements changes - I'm back out.

So, welcome to August 2010. My brothers birthday falls this week and I've promised him a sushi dinner the evening that we plan on watching the local minor league baseball game. See you tomorrow, and despite the cool cover featured here, go check out Secret Avengers.

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