Monday, August 23, 2010

Blonde Ambition?

Do you ever just let your fingers do the walking and randomly troll the web for whatever you can find. I don't recall what I typed to find this image, but since the Fantastic Four series from Marvel Comics is about to launch a story where one of the members is expected to fall, I think that it may be time to consider replacements.

Now I'm not saying that Susan Richards (aka The Invisible Woman) is the doomed teamster, but for my money you just can't have enough blondes. This lovely lass was probably photo shopped by someone who wasn't satisfied with Jessica Alba's "so-so" portrayal of Sue in the two "not-quite-so-good" FF films of the last few years, and they wanted to field their own candidate for the role.

Who's to say that this gal can't have an entirely different set of powers (should the Invisible Woman survive) and join the FF for an all-new delightful foursome (with two hot blonds; three if you wanna count the Human Torch) , that is, once the ill-fated hero bites the big one.


british gal84 said...

How about everbody.It's always the blonds who get shafted.

SabrebIade said...

Well there's always She-Hulk.
She's done it before.
And wouldn't it be wild to have her in the FF reboot movie?