Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Grim Reaper in "Underground Mission: Greece" (Nedor;1944)

"Nedor-A-Weekend" continues today with the promised appearance of Better/Standard/Nedor's "The Grim Reaper" from Wonder Comics #1 (May 1944).

The Grim Reaper moved over to Wonder Comics from AMERICA'S BIGGEST COMIC BOOK #1. "Underground Mission to Greece" is illustrated by Al Camy (often wondered if that is even a real name/"alchemy")?

Alex Schomburg's terrific cover also prominently features the Reaper, so I'm running it despite having another story from that issue in the queue for next week, so until next Saturday, "enjoy"!

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Daniel [] said...

It's interesting that this story would refer to a German underground. Roosevelt was at rather great pains not to acknowledge its existence, and refused all contact that they attempted to make. (See The New Dealers' War: FDR and the War Within World War II by Thomas Fleming n this and on much else.)