Monday, August 16, 2010

Chaos War Restores Dead Avengers!

Writer Fred Van Lente and artist Tom Grummett are teaming to produce a tie-in issue of Marvel Comics upcoming fall event, "Chaos War", featuring some heroic Avengers that haven't been seen for a while because they had passed beyond the mortal coil.

The Kree warrior, Captain Marvel, The Swordsman, The Vision, Doctor Druid, Deathcry and Yellowjacket all earn a reprieve to participate in the epic battle. Let's face it, the last three members are basically losers whose original tenure was ill-advised in the first place, so maybe at the end of the day, Fred & Tom will leave them safely deceased.

For my money, Mar-Vell, Vision and Swordsman can stick around after this mini-series runs it's course. I don't really know much more about Chaos War: Dead Avengers, other than it runs a measly three issues beginning in November and I wish the cover had a bit more dynamic impact. That static cover shot seems a bit of a letdown and too "posed" for a cluster of heroes that just made the trek back from Tartarus.

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