Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kara the Jungle Princess in "The Colony of the Eagle Men" (Nedor;1946)

If you have college age children you know that moving them into school is basically hell on Earth. Nerves become frayed, tempers flare, tension headaches abound and once it has passed no amount of alcohol can remove the psychic damage sustained by your personal karma. This is my fourth year of this chaos and the final week proscrastination on the part of my daughter (and ex-wife) still lingers.

That was today, but "Nedor-A-Weekend" beckons regardless of any other "normal" Saturday havoc.

This jungle girl feature starring Kara Jungle Princess is taken from Exciting Comics #46 (Apr.1946); originally published by Better/Standard/Nedor and with art by Al Camy. Stories from this issue featuring The Black Terror, The Scarab and The American Eagle will be coming over the next few Saturdays.


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