Friday, November 5, 2010

"Gal" Friday! Alexandria Mills, Miss World 2010

Alexandria Mills, all of eighteen years old and a Kentucky native, represented our country as "Miss USA" and became the third American "gal" to win the coveted Miss World pageant this week, but not without controversy - and it really doesn't even involve her.

The Miss World pageant has long been recognized as a highly politicized beauty contest with countries often throwing their considerable weight into the judging. This week charges have been brought against China for basically blackballing the odds-on favorite to win, Miss Norway, who didn't even make it into the final field of five finalists.

Whether China did or didn't or whether or not Miss Norway got the shaft, Alexandria Mills has the tiara and as soft spoken and lovely as she is, Miss World couldn't have chosen a better candidate.

Congratulations, Alexandria! You can hang your tiara in the Catacombs for all time and eternity as this week's "official" selection.

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