Saturday, November 20, 2010

Science Fiction/Double Feature Presents: "A-Day" & "Trespasser In Time" (Ziff-Davis;1950)

Today's "Science Fiction-Double Feature" is truly an awesome twin-bill of talent. Up first is a tense Cold War thriller about a couples attempt to avert a nuclear strike. "A-Day" is nicely illustrated by Ogden Whitney; best known as co-creator of the golden age aviator Skyman and of the super-powered novelty character Herbie Popnecker and his alter ego, the satiric Fat Fury.

The second feature is drawn by Alex Schomburg, the prolific artist who drew between five and six hundred covers during the golden age. "Trespasser In Time" concerns the fate of a young scientist whose journey into the fourth dimension to rescue a friend has ramifications that even time may not heal. Schomburg's work on this series is among his last traditional comics work before he left the industry and spent the remainder of his career on covers for science fiction magazines and book covers.

See you next weekend for more "Science Fiction-Double Feature" thrills from this 1950's series, published by Ziff-Davis. Both of today's adventures are from Amazing Adventures #1 (released in late 1950).

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