Friday, November 19, 2010

"Gal" Friday! Raven Steele

Since the 2010 summer convention season, I've occasionally been floating offers to various cos-players to appear as authorized "Gal" Friday selections. So far, I'm fairly pleased with the results and you can expect to see more of these talented and lovely young ladies as the Catacombs continues its quest to continually present the epitome of feminine perfection. Honestly, how cool would it be for a comic book lover to have a girlfriend play dress up as the hottest super-heroines in the world? Pretty frickin cool!!

I'll let this lsuper-ass speak for herself: "Hi, I am Raven Steele. My "Clark Kent" is Samantha Basinger. I am 23, and I am a bartender and model/actress by profession. I like going out and having a good time. I like to do new fun exciting things! I am always down for an adventure or doing something I have never done before. I really want to go skydiving and bungee jumping one day. I work with and love what I do! I was never really big into comic books until I started modeling for them. I have always been a big nerd at heart. I love playing video games and Dungeons and Dragons. I am really into comics about super heroines or villains that kick ass and take names. I am also totally lazy in some sense. I love sitting home and watching a great action movie or comedy in my pj's snacking on junk food. I am really grateful that for the longest time I got to depict the infamous [version of] Mary Marvel!! We have recently been working on a series of short films.. "Raven's Secret"(which can be found on YouTube) "Raven UN-Stoppable"(found on ) and a third one soon to come."

Thanks for stopping by "Raven"/Samantha, you easily defeated the other competition this week to secure your place in the Catacombs! (ps: I love that transformation effect and the Hericane costume from Penthouse Comix ain't bad either).

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Aston Grey said...

When does your next movie come out?
You are hotter than hot! When you are bad you are even better!

Cant wait to see Raven conquor the world!