Saturday, November 27, 2010

Science Fiction/Double Feature Presents: Winged Death on Venus (Ziff-Davis;1950)

This penultimate thriller from Amazing Adventures #1 (1950) is written and illustrated by the late, great EC Comics master Wally Wood. "Winged Death on Venus" tells the story of Chet Fields, an aimless beachcomber on a cloudy planet who becomes snared in guiding a "scientific" expedition that isn't quite what it appears to be. This story was reprinted in Doc Weird's Thrill Book #2 (Pure Imagination 1987 series).

Today's second feature is the humor filler, Cosmic Comics, from the same issue. One final golden age strip remains from this classic issue (next weekends very post) and then we dive right into the second issue of Ziff-Davis excellent sci-fi series, Amazing Adventures.


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Jesús Torrealba said...

Wally Wood Art was the best!!!!