Friday, February 18, 2011

"Gal" Friday! Adrianne Palicki

Producer David E. Kelley is set to launch a new NBC television series based on DC Comics iconic golden age heroine, Wonder Woman, and actor Adrianne Palicki has been chosen to star as the series lead character.

She is certainly an attractive young lady, plus she has earned high critical acclaim for her three season turn on the high school drama series, Friday Night Lights; but the most glaring thing about her casting that stands out for me as a comic book fan, is that Kelley must have a strikingly different "idea" of who Wonder Woman actually is. How an Amazon warrior princess from a Greek mythological setting translates into an All-American blond, girl-next-door corporate type is frankly beyond me.

Palicki previously appeared on Supernatural as Jessica Moore, Sam Winchester's doomed girlfriend in its pilot episode. Palicki also appeared as Judy Robinson in John Woo's unsold TV pilot, The Robinson's: Lost in Space, and was also cast in another potential DC Comics spin-off from "Smallville", Aquaman, which failed to go to series. Palicki starred in the 2010 apocalyptic-action film, Legion ,and she will be in the remake of the 1980s film Red Dawn. Of course, at this point nobody knows how this version will ultimately play out, either as a genuine homage to the celebrated original character or like Smallville, a mishmash of established characters and elements that have been strip mined and then force fed through a modern, politically correct sieve.

I will have to reserve judgement for the time being, but I am only allowing the slimmest length of rope on this one. Miss Palicki gets the nod this week for notoriety alone!

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SabrebIade said...

I pretty much wholeheartedly agree on all points.
At least Tom Welling "looks" like Supes.
Good luck with this one.