Friday, February 4, 2011

"Gal" Friday! Tina Wallman

I often come across (um, pun intended) a chick that is so smoking hot that even her chosen field of endeavor doesn't rattle me. I don't play cards, but odds suggest you too will appreciate this weeks "Gal" Friday pick.

Tina Wallman was born January 28th, 1981 in Melbourne, Australia and is known as the "Queen of Hearts" and she is also the spokes model for Carbon Poker. Tina is finally becoming known in North America appearing in many magazines and websites. She was raised in Sydney.

Aussie accent. Check! Sultry & sensuous brunette. Check! Tight curves & saucy rack. Check! (I am so there!)

Just for shits & giggles, I recently wandered into the largest local redneck bar, bought a round for the house, and maliciously started a rumor that the lovely Tina much preferred traditional Southern men. I further added that everyone attached to her within the world of Poker, was trying to break her of this highly prized and desired personal predilection. I then dared ever woolly man present to defend this poor lass and bring her home to me at the first opportunity, for a crisp $100,000 bill (replica; who's to know).

Only time will tell.....

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