Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1980's Flashback: The Omega Men (DC Comics)

The Omega Men first appeared in Green Lantern #141 (June 1981), and went on to star in their own Baxter format series beginning in April 1983. They were created by Marv Wolfman and Joe Staton. The Omegans hail from the Vegan star system, with its twenty-five habitable planets, which had been ruled for millennia by the Citadelians, a race of warriors cloned from the First Citadelian - the demi-godlike son of X'Hal. The Citadelians established a tyrannical regime based in a fortress moon known as the Citadel. The citadel then set about to conquer the younger races of Vega. Originally there were only two races in the Vegan system, the primitive Branx and the pacifistic Okaarans, but the Psions used Okaaran DNA to create the other twenty-three races of Vega such as the Tamaraneans, Euphorixians, Aelloans, Karnans, and the Changralyns. The Omega Men were assembled as a group of renegades and representatives of conquered Vegan worlds to fight Citadelian aggression. Pre-Infinite Crisis, the team was based on the planet Kuraq. The Omega Men were important peacekeepers in their sector because the Green Lantern Corps is not allowed into Vegan space, due to a long standing agreement with the Psions.

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