Saturday, March 19, 2011

Science Fiction/Double Feature Presents: "Deal To Die" (Ziff-Davis;1952)

Unfortunately, Science Fiction/Double Feature comes up a bit short today. One page of the text story "Here Come the Martians" that was intended for this post is missing in action, and I have no idea what became of it. Likely an error on my part from when I created the file. Rather than post an incomplete read, I've opted for a single page promotional ad from the same issue that isn't all that remarkable. Today's featured story from Amazing Adventures #6 (Fall 1952); originally published by Ziff-Davis is called "Deal To Die" I suspect that this short tale was actually an in-house file story meant for inclusion in any of their anthology titles, and then simply shoehorned into this mag at the last minute to flesh out a full issue. Leo Dresser is the artist on this "executioners song, with a twist" story. The writer is sadly unknown.


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