Friday, March 4, 2011

"Gal" Friday! Sarah White, Naked Therapist

In recent days the unconventional methods used by this sexy therapist from New York have not only led to much controversy, but also landed her in virtually every media outlet that you can name.

Twenty-four year old psychology buff Sarah White is a proponent of Naked Therapy. By blending elements from psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, and positive psychology, Miss White attempts to help her patients access their unconscious and inner drives. As a bonus, and admittedly for $150 an hour, Sarah slowly peels off all of her clothing during her web cam sessions. Trading on her genuine physical beauty, and truthfully utilizing a high degree of arousal and desire in the process, the unaccredited young lady trips the light fantastic to the delight of her predominantly male clientele by stripping away their inhibitions. Literally!

Apparently Sarah White does offer "enhanced" private therapy sessions for three times her normal going rate. The devil knows what additional amount of mental healing may actually be acquired from that level of her practice, but seeing as how Marvin Gaye sang about sexual healing more than twenty years ago, I would think that most high end call girls have already been providing that level of service for many centuries now.

Agree or disagree with her methods, Sarah White earns a spot in the Catacombs as this weeks "Gal" Friday selection.


borky said...

Yo, Chuckington!

(Didn't they write a song about your Girl Friday feature - Chucky's In Love?).

Like various female friends of mine, I suspect Ms. White takes full advantage of the fact many men secretly prefer the dream to the reality, so the more such women promise and the less they actually deliver the more such men'll pay through the nose for the privilege of being basically strung along by them!

The guys who pay Ms. White three times more probably get three times less - an' crawl across the carpet on their bellies with their tongues hanging out in abject gratitude to her for it!

Pappy said...

Well, jeez, I pay my therapist $90/hour and she doesn't even kick off her shoes during our sessions. I think I'll print off this post and take it to her. Maybe I can work something out to get my money's worth out of psychotherapy...

Mike D. said...

Glory be to the lord!!! I am healed!!!

bramby said...

hahaha, that's a cool 3-rd millenium therapist, i'll cite your post on my blog too :D