Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meet the Most Dangerous Twin Girls in the Universe!

Shocking! Disgusting!

NBM is releasing a darkly subversive collection of cynical comics gags that is sweeping Europe. "Kinky & Cosy" are two young girls who are so bad that you’ll be snickering uncontrollably. Their record of wrong doings, whether on purpose or not, will simply raise your hair on end. Nothing is sacred for these two little monsters! South Park meets Monty Python from the mind of creator Nix. For those who like a good does of humor, the full-color hardcover format at ninety-six pages will cost a mere $14.99.

I've included one of the strips (above) to whet your appetite. Enjoy!

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borky said...

I hope my 15 year old darling daughter doesn't read this.

The other day, inspired by my badger-like Amish beard, she titteringly decided to complement it with an elaborate Salvador Dali squiggly style moustache - executed in perma marker.

She even used her mobile to record the event, so if pictorial evidence of it surfaces somewhere, the guy with the highly indulgent, if mildly exasperated expression is me!