Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DC Comics #1's [9/21/2011]

As a reminder for the mythical "new" readers out there who might be sampling funny books for the first time, my weekly breakdown of how I personally view these "nu" 52 books as a longtime reader, consists of me assorting the new arrivals three ways (based solely on how I viewed them as I window shopped in the store). Stuff that I liked is categorized as BEST OF THE BATCH (with a single favorite choice highlighted in *bold each week). Titles worthy of trying out, but that didn't prompt me to purchase, are categorized as "EASTER EGGS", and relaunched books that aren't worth the money, were poorly thought out to begin with, or that sucked out loud, well, these are unfortunately considered "GOOSE EGGS". This week I'm continuing to add a fourth categorization, since another title was lost in the shuffle and I missed seeing a copy on the shelves; with a hundred other titles jockeying for space this can be common; so I have no opinion to offer on stuff that I'm labeling "M.I.A." (missing in action; nuff said).

The "Nu-DCU' roll out continued this week with the following relaunched titles making the scene.

* Green Lantern Corps #1 (Awesome work by Peter Tomasi, Fernando Pasarin and Scott Hanna)Nightwing #1

Captain Atom #1
Catwoman #1
DC Universe Presents #1
Supergirl #1
Wonder Woman #1

Batman #1
Birds of Prey #1
Legion of Super Heroes #1
Red Hood and The Outlaws #1

Blue Beetle #1

Plus one ultra-groovy, super-cool, bonafide three decades in the making surprise that has blown me away. This legendary unfinished project was originally intended for publication in 1986, but creative burnout tail-gunned "Games" after artist Perez had completed approximately 60 pages of an expected 120 page standalone graphic novel starring the then hugely popular New Teen Titans. Whatever cosmic convergence prompted all parties to settle down and complete this long-gestating book that Titans enthusiasts have been clamoring for for almost thirty years, it is more than welcome. In an odd way this phenomenal book casts a massive damning spotlight on some of the premiere material that the relaunched DCU has cast aside in deference to latter day creators and publishing mindsets, but BUY this book and you'll see why the 1980's New Teen Titans was all the rage and scratch your head over why this lineup of heroes no longer exists. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

New Teen Titans: Games (Wolfman & Perez reunited)!

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