Friday, September 30, 2011

"Gal" Friday! Jenny Poussin

I'm having one of those days where a headache has been my constant companion from the moment when my eyes first opened this morning. No amount of coffee, Advil or prayer has alleviated the throbbing ache, so this weeks "gal" Friday selection is being culled from my floating pool of backlogged beauties. Gotta love those save files.
Somebody over in my links section, probably Joe Bloke's Grantbridge Street, featured this chick a while back too, and I've been meaning to do the same. So, here she be!

Jenny Poussin is a Canadian fitness, bikini and glamor model whose work in lingerie and exotic wear catalogs eventually led to her regularly doing even more revealing & hardcore work. She is quite nice to look at, but I would really liked to have seen this young lady's figure before she added the fake boobs. I'll just have to imagine how nice her fabulously fit frame would have been with the natural stuff that she started out with. Sigh!

Still, she's certainly welcome here in the Catacombs, and really; why quibble?


Timothy Paul Schaefer said...

She also is or was a regular on the Paizo forums. She is a role player and even modeled a costume for a Pathfinder character, Seoni the Sorceress (maybe for a contest?).
Link to *safe* pictures:


Chuck Wells said...

As a fan of the Dragon Age games, I can see her in a variety of cosplay roles.

joe ackerman said...

yeah, that would've been me, fella. I think I got a number of comments moaning about air-brushing and fake body bits. can't remember, exactly, I think I was too busy telling everyone to Piss Off.

loves me some Jenny, I do. . .

Mike D. said...

To Quote the immortal Jackie Gleason "Homina , Homina , Homina!"