Friday, September 23, 2011

"Gal(s)" Friday! Jamie Edmondson & Lauren Anderson

I usually scan the news each morning online, the only time of the day that I actually make an effort to see what's going on in the world. Sometimes that habit pays real dividends!
WGN Weatherman Jim Ramsey picked a great day to fill-in on Chicago's WGN Morning News....thanks to two Playboy Bunnies who showed up on air to surprise him. Miss January 2010 Jamie Edmondson (above; left) and Miss July 2002 Lauren Anderson (above; right) brightened everyone’s day at the WGN Studios, and since they also brought a smile to my face, I bumped my planned selection for today and am awarding these luscious ladies "joint" status as this weeks official “Gal(s)” Friday twosome. Together, they were the best breakfast buffet that I've seen lately. Didn't trust myself to post additional photos of them, but go surf the web and enjoy.

I'm feeling slightly uplifted, how about you?

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