Friday, June 1, 2012

"Gal" Friday! Rosie Jones

I must be dead, because this photo kills me!
British pin-up queen, Rosie Jones is a staple of lad mags having been regularly featured in Nuts, Loaded, FHM, Front, and as a popular "Page 3" girl for The Sun tabloid. Jones was voted the No.1 Sexiest Babe of 2010 by visitors to Nuts' website, grabbing over 1 million votes (a feat she repeated in 2011). She also set a Guinness World Record for the most bras taken off and put back on in one minute in November 2009 (a total of seven). Now, gentlemen, that’s my kind of trivia!


HEH said...

Thanks, Alex Beresford for the neat, customizable concept.

HEH said...

Woah, that was not the comment I meant to put!
Sorry about that, Chuck.

It was originally:

Bra-vo, Miss Jones!