Friday, June 13, 2008

Season 4 Finale - Battlestar: Galactica ("Revelations")

Oh my frakkin' gods!

The Sci-Fi Channel has been streaming the entire season 4 finale since 9am this morning and will continue doing so until 4pm this afternoon. Since The Incredible Hulk opens in theaters today, I thought, "What the hell?", I'll catch 'em both this way.

This episode lives up to everything that has been said about it, much is "revealed" and the actors turn in some amazing performances.

Given that the corporate morons that run the parent company steadfastly intend to sit on the remaining ten final season episodes until some time next year, this mid-season finale is a true gem for BSG fans.

I'm not going into any spoilers here, but needless to say, Ron Moore and company truly pull off another incredibly, shocking cliffhanger of an ending.

It is visceral, compellingly touching and even brutal in its starkness. This episode will prey on your mind for months to come.

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Mr. Karswell said...

I have to admit, after being a BSG fanatic for the last few seasons I thought this current season got off to a super crumb bum start. I actually quit watching about half way through the third episode of this season. My wife has stuck with it though and admitted that there were a few more crap episodes in the mix but overall she felt it compelling to stick with so I've been getting the quick summery edition. I will watch the final episode though.