Friday, October 17, 2008

Short Subjects (Fox Comics)

Hey all, it's Friday, so "Thank God it's ...." and all that!

Here are a couple of short fillers from Rulah Jungle Goddess #18 (September 1948). One is a cute one-page humor piece and the other is a two-page jungle girl short starring Numa. I'm not sure whether she ever appeared after this issue, but she definitely had the chops, so maybe she'll pop up again someday.


p.s.: I'm off to see American Splendor's own Harvey Pekar in Charlotte, NC today; plus a nice barbecue feast awaits me after visiting with old Harv at Shelton Drum's Heroes Aren't Hard To Find store in the Queen City of the Carolina's. Bye bye!

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Mr. Karswell said...

Mmmmm, Numa Numa good. I think I'm finally coming around to why A.C. Hollingsworth is always mentioned in price guides and by collectors, cuz he's actually really good!Wouldn't know it from some of the pre-code horror stories I have by him which look like a two year old drew them. This Numa story actually show he knew what the hell he was doing. Totally weird, like a completely different artist.

Can't wait to hear how crabby Pekar was...