Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Birthday Suit

Today is my birthday, and although opinions on when the specific start date of the "Age of Aquarius" actually begins is an ongoing point of contention, this era was supposed to have brought the world increased spirituality and harmony among people.

Perhaps that is all debatable, but I’ve been reading the newspapers for a while now, and I believe that something was lost in translation. It could be why so many of today’s top comic book creators so devalue simple heroism in our escapist medium, and why every hero is "darker". Too many grey areas have emerged as the two different zodiac ages "collide". [Pisces & Aquarius]

One other thing that I would like to point out is that almost 22 years ago the "Harmonic Convergence" took place. That was a worldwide esoteric-religious event which was purported to be a global awakening of love and unity through divine transformation and divine channeling of sacred information. I got married the week before the convergence. I would have to say that wishful-thinking continues unabated in the human species.

Still, today is my birthday (#47), and I thought, "What can I post in the Catacombs in recognition of my own day?" So, I surfed around a bit and found this … lovely … photo. Because "it’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to", and I’ve gotta tell you, when I saw this and realized that some lucky bastard got to enjoy this for his birthday, well, I shed some real tears.

That is how to spend a birthday. That is how to wrap a package. That is the way to surprise somebody special. (Now, here I go crying again.)

To this unknown lass, I dedicate, a special "Hump Day" birthday greeting for all of us ageless Aquarians.


Wayne Skiver said...

Happy Birthday! Thats a mighty fine looking present to unwrap...

Booksteve said...

Gotta admit, seeing that happy young lady pictured on a couple of the blogs that link to yours in the last few minutes got my attention. Happy Birthday!

Eddie said...

You are just a kid!
Belated happy birthday!