Friday, January 22, 2010

"Gal" Friday! Jasmine Sinclair (Part I)

A new friend, Rick Brown, emailed me last week and suggested this weeks pick, so kudos to him for pointing me in what proved to be the right direction. Jasmine Sinclair is a glamor and bondage model based out of Kent, England. She has been featured over there in such publications as The Sun, News of the World, The Daily Sport, Playboy, Toni and Guy, Loaded, Nuts, Zoo, REVS and Maxpower magazines.

Jasmine has won the Signy Award for Best Bondage Model in 2003 and the silver medal (2nd place) in the "Best Bondage Model" category at the 2008 Bondage Awards. She later regained the title of "Best Bondage Model" after a six year wait, by winning the Gold Medal at the 2009 Bondage Awards.

According to Wikipedia, in 2006, she accused former EastEnders actor, Dean Gaffney, of groping her at her 24th birthday party. While I must denounce the cad for taking such liberties, I understand how powerful the temptation must have been for the schmuck. Gentlemen, please take my advice, go surf the web for her plentiful photos and just see for yourselves.

Since I'm currently single and on a blondquest (but have usually preferred brunettes) I love the fact that despite being a blond, Jasmine has also posed for pictures as a brunette. It's like having your cake and eating it too. Be warned that once you come across her bondage stills, you will need to have a cold shower on standby. Seriously!

For those of you who paid attention to the notice in the title, Jasmine will be back in the near future (as my first repeat "Gal" Friday). There are simply too many great photos of her to run in a single post. In fact Rick actually contacted her for me and she forwarded a cool half dozen images to pick from for her profile today. She is a real sweetheart that way, and I have to really envy our British cousins for being much closer in proximity to her than we are.


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Sam G said...

Suddenly...I have the urge to move to the UK. ;)
Awesome pix!