Friday, February 5, 2010

"Gal" Friday! Kittie LeBlanc

I thought long and hard [pun intended] about how to incorporate an appropriate "Gal" Friday selection into my current "Cat Scratch Fever" theme week, and I do believe that this striking young lady nicely fits the bill.

Kittie LeBlanc is a twenty-seven year old pinup, hot rod and bike model from Louisiana. She gears her personal image towards classic glamour and rockabilly styling. The photos of her are credited to Amelia @ Paperdoll Photography. Trust me, between these two fantastic photos, you'll all be feeling the love for Valentine's Day, classic Chevy's and sexy chicks!

Tattoos may not be every one's bag, but you could never convince me that this gal wouldn't be lots of fun to hang out with. I wonder if she has an occasional thing for grizzled old farts like me? Oh well, enjoy the pics and google her name to find even more nice shots. You should also go look at Paperdoll Photography!

My birthday falls near the tail end of next week, so since it's my party, you'll finally get to see Part II of earlier "Gal" Friday hottie, Jasmine Sinclair, next Friday.


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Mykal Banta said...

Chuck: Happy Birthday in advance. And by all means, stand your ground! If you want a second helping of Jasmine, by all means, give yourself that gift! I'll suffer your self-indulgence as best as I am able. ;-) - Mykal

Oh, yeah. Kittie is hot as hell!