Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jungleman in "Island Survival" (Harvey; 1940)

Welcome to the weekend!

Writer/artist Charles A. Winter returns to the Catacombs today with Jungleman who is culled from Champion Comics #7 (May 1940); originally published by Harvey. A different writer/artist worked on Jungleman in the Harvey series, Champ Comics and some of those stories will be posted here early next week for a comparison basis.

The Catacombs is grateful to Don "Zu-Gogo" Falkos for providing the scans for this story. Note: The copyright for this issue, its contents and artwork belong to the original publisher and/or creators and is reproduced here solely for entertainment purposes.


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Robert R. Barrett said...

Hi! I thought you might find it interesting to know that the artist who illustrated this particular JUNGLEMAN story was Harry Parkhurst, who used the pseudonym of "Harry Parks" on his comic book stories. Parkhurst is best known for his great covers for the SPICY line of 1930s pulps. In the late 1940s and 1950s he illustrated stories for Dell comics.
Robert R. Barrett