Monday, February 1, 2010

Help!!! I want a Wildcat.

DC Universe Classics is a popular line of toys manufactured by Mattel. Considered by many to be the main line of the re-branded DC Universe characters, these 6-inch scale figures are based on characters taken from throughout the entire DC Comics library. Earlier expansion sets from previous Mattel lines focused primarily on Batman and Superman related characters. The entire DC Universe Classics line is sculpted by the Four Horsemen Studios.

I stopped buying the DC Direct figures some years back after so many of them manifested quirks that limited displaying them on a shelf. They were either too top heavy and the figures didn't want to stand up, or the disparity between different sculpting styles within a specific group of related characters turned me off. I later picked up three of the Alex Ross Justice figures, Superman, Sinestro and Flash (Barry Allen). The Flash figure was designed to stand in a running pose on his base. Two days after I placed him in that position, I noticed that he had fallen over. The knee peg had given out. It's a nice looking figure though and I still have them available for trade, but I haven't bought action figures since.

Now, today I happened upon this image of the DCU Classics figure of Ted "Wildcat" Grant from the Justice Society of America. I have to admit that I would like to have this toy, but since I believe that this blue version is the "variant", who knows what that would cost. I always liked Wildcat's appearances in The Brave and the Bold during the 1970's.

Several of the DC Universe Classics figures appeal to me, but not enough to shell out megabucks for a few toys to sit on a shelf. I do find their "chase" figures to be the most interesting, but those were included in "segmented form" with each new waves release. Metamorpho, Gorilla Grodd, Solomon Grundy, Despero, Metallo, Kalibak, Atom-Smasher, Giganta, Chemo, Imperiex, Kilowog and Trigon (in the upcoming 13 wave). That's a lot of villains isn't it? (and yes there are a couple of exceptions)

I thought that it couldn't hurt to post my interest in securing a blue Wildcat figure in the hopes that someone could lead me to the most affordable one available.

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Mykal Banta said...

Chuck: I stopped buying figures for the same reason. Simply, they wouldn't stand up, even when supplied with a stand for that purpose! What in hell is the thinking there? Do they makers of these things expect you to display them laying on their sides? It's just so damn stupid.

I couldn't resist recently and bought a Nancy and Sluggo set from Dark Horse recently. Sluggo's cool, but it is simply impossible to make Nancy stand. Dammit!

Oh, yeah. That wildcat is pretty cool. Any assurances he won't wobble and fall down? -- Mykal