Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In Search of "Art Robot"!

Hey, if anyone would be interested in using their artistic talents for an independent project, let me know. You will find my contact information by clicking on the "About Me" photo over on the left side of this page.

Please include your sketch and page rates, rights expectations and samples of your artwork would very much be appreciated. I'm not going to promise anything, but I've been dusting off some stuff that's been laying around and it would be nice to see some of it come to fruition.

Hope to hear from you!


Jesús Torrealba said...

Hi, feel free to visit my blog and take a look of my art. 1 page of comic: pencils, inks, and colors = 150 US$

I am from Venezuela, i speak spanish and a little of english

Jesús Torrealba said...

Hi friend, your sample in pencil is ready