Friday, April 23, 2010

"Gal" Friday! Dorismar

Argentine model, actress, television host, and singer, Dora Noemí Kerchen, is better known by her stage name, Dorismar.

She was a hostess on the Univisión Network television show Caliente from 2000 to 2006. As a result, she appeared on the cover of Playboy, representing The Sexy Ladies of Latin TV, in March 2003. Sadly, Dorismar and her husband/manager Alejandro Schiff were deported from the United States to Argentina as illegal aliens in 2006. Dorismar contested the deportation in an interesting way, claiming that her "physical attributes" placed her in the category of "alien of extraordinary ability", which she hoped would allow her to seek a special O-1 visa, permitting her residency in the U.S. based upon her "talents".

Although ultimately unsuccessful in her petition, I can't say that I disagreed with her argument. Too bad the INS boys didn't check with me first. I think that we could have made an exception in her case (not so much with her husband).


Anonymous said...

HUBBA HUBBA! What a nice view,she's a real beaut.

joe ackerman said...

she can come stay over at my place, if she's stuck.

40K + T&A said...

yet we'll let some greasy immigrant field hand stay