Friday, May 14, 2010

"Gal" Friday! Jolynn Carpenter

Jolynn Carpenter is a model and actress living in New York City. A little over a year ago, she received an unexpected email from Alexander Maleev, the illustrator for Marvel Comics' Spider-Woman series. Alexander was searching for a model for Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, and felt that Jolynn "fit the description perfectly", and asked her to consider helping him out.

Jolynn jumped at the chance, and became the current face of Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew and the rest is history! She says that it's pretty cool to be a super heroine!

I've become an instant admirer, and I also have to add that Jolynn really seems to be cut out for the role. Thankfully, she also agreed to my "humble" request to feature her as this weeks official "Gal" Friday, and while I think it's cool to have Spider-Woman hanging around the Catacombs, it's made even more terrific to know that Jolynn brings her to life online regularly for Marvel (see example; left).

What a looker!


Mykal Banta said...

Gal Friday makes me love Fridays all the more! Jolynn is one for the ages, particularily in a tight, button down top that is at least two sizes too small! Damn!

Sam G said...

I would love to see her in costume!

Chuck Wells said...

Sam, I hear you on that one, but I don't think Jolynn's duties require her suit up, as neat as that might be for us geeks.

Mykal, old buddy, that top photo is probably my favorite out of the gallery she directed me to for my selections. It is very contemporary, but at the same time it channels the 1970's for me, and that's a decade that still resonates for yours truly.

Jolynn is a stunning young lady!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, guys!

TheCarpenterKitchen said...

I know this beautiful gal and she is as pretty inside as outside. She is sweet and precious and funny and humble. She has a smile that will melt you and she moves just like spider woman. What a perfect choice. I love the action comics.