Monday, April 6, 2009

...and the bargains shall set you free. (Hallelujah!)

So, my old pal, Rob Young held the first of two Greenville Comic Con shows for 2009 on Saturday, April 4. About a dozen (or so) dealers set up shop at the Comfort Inn, in a sizable room with plenty of space to move around in while searching for collectibles of all tastes - but mostly comic books.

Patience is a virtue people, so my brother and I arrived shortly after the festivities commenced, visited with several dealer buddies and friends, scanned the available comics (noting several that were worthy of attention), entered into preliminary negotiations and then headed out for lunch (lovely hot dogs and fries from a wonderful nearby greasy spoon).

After a quick trip over the my brothers hacienda to peruse his latest eBay auction acquisitions (classic comics scored for reasonable prices, all in top condition), and then it was back over to the closing hour of the show, where - Lo, and behold! - the good deals had gotten even better.

My own picks were: Conan the Barbarian #26 (May 1973), Adventure into Fear #17 (October 1973), The Avengers #143 (January 1976), The Black Panther #9 (May 1978) and Devil Dinosaur #2 (May 1978); all in Fine+/Very Fine condition for $3.00 each. Can you dig it? That was more than a dollar less per issue (counting tax) than you would pay for this weeks top comic shop hit, The Flash: Rebirth.

The artwork in these books was provided by the likes of John Buscema & Ernie Chan, Val Mayerick, George Perez and Jack "King" Kirby. Patience is a virtue, fanboys and these one day regional shows are gold mines for comic book enthusiasts. Plus the height of convention season is just about to get underway.

Oh, yeah!

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