Friday, December 25, 2009

"Gal" Friday! Denise Milani

Merry Christmas! Before we get started it pays to remind everyone that even at the holidays you should take care not to holler "ho-ho-ho" at a really hot chick. (Okay, it's a bad joke!) Denise Milani is a mega-babe, no doubt about it. Thanks to frequent updates and revealing (but sadly, non-nude) photos, her website attracts regular visitors and her fan base is growing exponentially.

Originally born in the Czech Republic, Denise decided to abandon her career as a trained physical therapist and try modeling instead -- maybe her natural 32DDD chest had something to do with that momentous decision. After starting out with small bikini and car shows, she gained wider attention and subsequently became a model for the online sports site SPORTSbyBROOKS.

Since 2007, Denise has been the owner of her own popular website, posting videos and personally responding to e-mails from fan club members. Nicknamed "the new queen of eroticism,” Denise Milani's fabulous figure has made her one of the world's top new pinups despite online chatter that she is nothing more than a tease for not posting fully nude stuff. (I do feel your pain on that position, fellas.) The copyrights to all of these photos belong to Denise Milani and were selected from a web image search. There are tons online, but I highly recommend that you visit her official site.

I say why quibble, and since it's Christmas, don't you just envy the guy that eventually gets to unwrap that? She is smoking hot, awesome and currently available. That's three out of three and well worth a spot in the Catacombs as the final "Gal" Friday of 2009.


Mykal Banta said...

Chuck: First Comment! Great! I got dibs. -- Mykal

Anonymous said...

She looks a lot different in these old photos:


Chuck Wells said...

I have to take great exception to the phrase "looks a lot different", friend.

She may appear to be somewhat more polished in the newer photos that I've posted, but I see nothing in the older pictures that you've kindly provided in this link that would have me change my mind about her.

In fact the two photos of her in bluejeans are particularly yummy!