Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In September: 4-1 = "Three!"

Beginning with Fantastic Four #583 in September, artist Steve Epting and writer Jonathan Hickman kick off a six-issue storyline called "Three," where the "War of Four Cities" will build up to an epic ending where one member of the Fantastic Four will have breathed their last per Marvel Comics (& Newsarama who broke the news).

Epting produced four teaser images showing different groupings of the three potential survivors. Which member is actually doomed to fall on the pungee stick is a closely guarded secret. Whichever member of this seminal superhero family ultimately takes one for the team, at the very least, the story will be exciting. I can't remember the last time the FF looked so freaking awesome.

That alone will prompt me to check out this issue, and admittedly I hope that it's all revealed to be a temporary fever dream.

Say it ain't so, Stan (er, Joe)!


Mykal Banta said...

It's really hard to imagine the Fantastic 3! I refuse to believe it. Who would go - if Sue or Reed go, there goes the "We are a family" appeal. Lose the bickering between Ben and Johnny? There goes another powerful family element.

I just don't believe it will happen really.

Matt said...

Isn't it Sue's turn to leave the team for a bit?

Ben's left during the Secret Wars and then died a few years ago.

Reed was "killed" by Doom in the 90s during that awful Defalco era.

Johnny... well, I guess Johnny hasn't disappeared as far as I know.

I still think it'll be Sue, it'll tear out the heart of the team and create the most tension.