Thursday, June 10, 2010

Odds & Ends!

Still recuperating from three days of convention fun. It's amazing how much decompression is required after these things. Not that I'm complaining, just using it as a convenient excuse for running behind this week. Tee-hee!!

Instead of another classic jungle adventure (which I failed to prep in time), I'm gonna clear out a couple of items from the Catacombs archives.

First up is a nifty periodic table of superpowers - courtesy of Comics Alliance. This is pretty cool and it makes a handy-dandy reference for role-playing games or for just creating your own super-characters. Enjoy!

Next up is an unused cover by Dave Cockrum which was originally intended for The Man Called Nova #7 (Mar. 1977). The editor had Jack "King" Kirby redraw this image for the published version for some odd reason, because the differences between them are almost indistinguishable. I added the logo for kicks.

Finally, here is a neat shot of DC Directs Power Girl action figure from the Infinite Crisis assortment. I never purchased this one and would love to have it. If anybody can point me towards an affordable PG figure, I would certainly appreciate it.

Tomorrow, I will post the missing story from today, along with this weeks sexy "Gal" Friday selection. See you then!

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