Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baltimore Comic*Con!!

Hey there, boys and girls!

I will be attending my first Baltimore Comic*Con next weekend in Maryland. My brother David and I (accompanied by our buddy, Burt Dellinger), will be driving up early on Friday morning for some big fun in a city with lots of nicknames: Mobtown, Charm City, Ravenstown, The City of Firsts and B'More.
We are planning on taking in the Geppi Entertainment Museum, possibly the Ravens-Chiefs preseason game, and since we always try to visit places that Guy Fieri has featured on Food TVs "Drive-In's, Diners & Dives", we want to belly up to the Broadway Diner on Saturday. I'm not sure if we will make the NFL game or not, as we've also made reservations at Obrycki's for some seafood on Friday evening. Obrycki's was previously featured on the Travel Channels "Man vs. Food Nation".  Good eats and good comics adds up to a fun-filled weekend in Baltimore on Aug. 19-21, 2011 for the Wells Brothers (+ One).

With an extensive guest list that runs the gamut of the comic book industry, Baltimore Con will give me a chance to see some of my personal favorites (a pair for the first time, highlighted) including: Neal Adams, Bernie Wrightson, Denis Kitchen, Don Rosa, Greg LaRocque, Herb Trimpe, Jim Starlin, Joe Jusko, José Luis García-López, Keith Giffen, Kevin Nowlan, Mike Grell, Ron Frenz, Ron Marz, Ron Wilson, Stan Lee, Stan Sakai, Tim Truman and Walter Simonson.
We considered buying tickets for the Harvey Awards, but decided that we would rather spend that dough ($125.00; sheesh) on back issues. Wish us luck and feel free to make any helpful suggestions if you've been to the show before, or if you know the area at all.


Pastor Dave Mason said...

Lombard Street, East Side, between Central Ave. and the Jones Falls. Attmans Deli - BEST Corned Beef sandwich south of New York (And better than 90% of the New York Deli's!)Get one on Rye with Mustard and a Half-Baked Pickle, eat in the Kibbitz Room and look at the pictures of Presidents and Politicians who've been there. If you have time, travel up I-95 to exit 85 (Aberdeen) and visit Cal Ripken's Baseball Complex. The Little League world Series will be going on, admission is FREE. 12-year old Teams from around the world playing great baseball. Good times.
Can't wait for Comic-Con, glad to see Bernie Wrightson is coming back, he's always a great guy to talk to.

Chuck Wells said...

Thanks Pastor Dave!