Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lee Granger, Jungle King in "The Plot Against Thora Brandon" (Fawcett;1940)

Today's golden age comics story is primarily offered as a test (see below), so I'm hoping for a little feedback on this post from friendly folks who read it. Feel free to speak up! Lee Granger (aka Jungle King) was a Tarzan-clone with a twist, instead of being cut from the "noble savage" model, Jungle King was a scientist who used his genius to make the jungle a better place. Among his notable accomplishments, besides protecting the jungle from all manner of dastardly villains, was to convert a native Pygmy village into a modern town, and he taught a lion named "Eric" to speak English. Not too shabby for a short run character!

He appeared in two titles published by Fawcett Comics, Slam-Bang Comics #1-7 and Master Comics #7-10. "The Plot Against Thora Brandon" is from Slam-Bang #7 (Sept.1940), written by Manly Wade Wellman and illustrated by Jack Binder. The Catacombs is grateful to Don "Zu-Gogo" Falkos for providing the scans for this story. I have all of the published Jungle King stories available, but they were all scanned from microfiche files and the quality of these scans varies wildly. Many are of such poor visual quality that I've refrained from posting them and I haven't run out of better quality stuff anyway, and won't for some years, thanks to "Zu-Gogo"; so here's the deal. Take a look at this story and if it doesn't bother you seeing slightly blurry material (most appear worse than this story), I will try and work more of these obscure golden age jungle characters into the Catacombs lineup from time to time. The ball is in your court, so let me know your opinions and thanks in advance for visiting. Enjoy!!


Steveland said...

I keep thinking "Lee Granger" was a 1950's British movie actor. One of the wonderful things about these comics is no matter how well you think you know them there's always some sort of weird, wonderful discovery just around the corner. Like this one.

Anonymous said...

sure go for it. even blurry comics are better then no comics