Saturday, July 26, 2008

A couple of cool San Diego Comic-Con announcements

There's lots of comics-related news pouring out of beleaguered San Diego, where the "biggest of the big" comic book conventions is currently underway, but here are a couple of announcements that have been made that already appeal to ye olde Catacombs host:

J. Michael Stracynzski is preparing to take over The Brave and The Bold series, where he has been given carte blanche to re-introduce the old Archie Comics Superheroes into the DC Universe, now that they've acquired the rights to these characters. Readers may remember DC's former Impact Comics versions of these characters, but the intention now is to feature the "classic" versions of the Shield, the Fly, the Black Hood, etc. I may like where this is going.

Marvel Comics is going to launch an ongoing Agents of Atlas series in early 2009, that reunites Gorilla-Man, the Human Robot, Venus, Namora, Jimmy Woo and Marvel Boy from the popular 2006 mini-series that used established 1950's-era Atlas [Marvel's precursor] Comics characters.

Mike Grell is going to bring back Travis Morgan (aka The Warlord) in new adventures that will channel the original version and dispense with the wretched updated versions. Yay!

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