Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Marvel acquires rights to Nexus!

In a joint announcement this morning Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada and Nexus co-creators Mike Baron & Steve Rude revealed that the famed cosmic executioner would be making his debut as a Marvel Universe hero in a special "flashback" Secret Invasion crossover issue on Free Comic Book Day.

Quesada said, "Yeah! Nexus will be joining one of the premiere teams of the MU when he takes over leadership of the X-Men."

Mike Baron added that, "It was apparently so secret that nobody was aware of it until today."

Artist Steve Rude was the only one who expressed reservations about the sale of the popular cult character the the House of Ideas. "I don't really see how this can all work out as an ongoing project," Rude whined. "I mean, after Horatio Hellpop [Nexus alter ego] killed Wolverine in the stand-alone Secret Invasion special. What was there left to do?"

Eager fans will get their first glimpse of the Next-man (pun intended) in early May!


Wayne Skiver said... quite possibly a bad idea. I love Nexus, I don't see how he could fit into the Marvel Universe in an interactive way with its other characters. I hope they don't get the Badger too!

Wayne Skiver said...

this is what I get for reading your blog before I have any coffee in me!

Ya got me Chuck! :-)

Chuck Wells said...

I was hoping to rope in somebody with this joke and you fit the bill quite nicely.

Wayne Skiver said...

---sigh--- glad to be of service...