Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two Men and an Idiot!!

By now you've all seen the all-too conveniently released images of what Captain America: The First Avenger and The Mighty Thor are going to look like on the big screen. Since it's convention week for yours truly, I'll briefly sum up my thoughts on these costumes.

Captain America: I really like this one and can appreciate how they blended the classic costume with the current "Ultimate Universe" interpretation. Hey, nothing wrong with serving all constituents, if you pull it off as well as they've done with Cap. I do wish that they had opted to include the helmet wings, at least stylistically painted onto the helmet, but I didn't think that would actually happen. This one gets an A+!

Thor: I can live with this one. Again, it skews at least partially towards the classic costume, while also blending elements of the current Marvel Universe version. I would have appreciated that silver armor being incorporated onto his leggings, which would have really made this costume look like the current Thunder Gods wardrobe, but oh well. This one gets a B+!

Donald Glover's Twitter campaign to get himself cast as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the upcoming reboot: I can appreciate an actors efforts at self-promotion, but then I can also sum up politically correct attempts to "cast against type" in one simple word - BULLSHIT!! This guy may have his fans, and even be funny on Community, but I've already decided that he might be an idiot. Now, if only there was a nice word for the pathetic lemmings who are lining up in support of this ridiculous effort on Twitter? This one gets an F!!!


nyrdyv said...

I think that no matter what fandom thinks of the choices made, since the ink is dry on the contracts there will be nothing done no what people think...


Steven G. Willis

joe ackerman said...

Captain America looks cool enough, although I'm hoping this is the costume for the 2nd World War stuff, and that he gets a more modern one in the Avengers movie.

Thor's ain't too bad, either, but WHERE'S HIS HAT?!!! if he ain't wearing no big old wingy hat thing, he ain't no thunder god.

and as far as the Glover-for-Spider-Man thing goes: bollocks. seems to me that if you're for it you are incredibly righteous and right-on, and obviously a forward-thinking freedom-loving kind of guy who smokes denim and knits his own tofu, but if you'd prefer not to see a black Spider-Man, then, you are, undoubtably, racist scum, and you deserves to rot forever in Hell. can we guess what category Joe falls into?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you and Joe about this dude having a campaign to play Spiderman;"HELL NO"!However,I might say that it really doesn't matter any more whether or not,who gets to play these roles.For example,I always thought that the pro wrestler,Hunter Hearst Helmsley,would have made a great Thor or at least Conan.I never was that crazy about Tobey MacGuire playing Spidey anyhow.He was alright,but somehow there seemed to be a better person to fill the role.The Hulk should have been a human actor,instead of an animated computer image.Again,some wrestlers could be considered like;The Big Show,Great Khali,Kane,etc.One of them would have put some more real emotional depth into their portrayal.Oh well,the best of luck on who gets the role of the wall-crawler.Liam