Monday, August 29, 2011

FemShep Follow-Up!!

Bioware has announced that their "Choose the Official" Female Commander Shepard contest has ended, or rather their SECOND contest has ended, with the redheaded "gal" (pictured; right) getting the most fan votes. This version will be included in a major marketing campaign, on the Mass Effect 3 packaging itself (due March 2012) and she will also receive her very own ME3 game trailer to debut shortly.

I posted a link to the Facebook page a month ago, and at that time the blond female Shepard emerged as the winner by a landslide, but a very vocal minority bitched, griped, moaned, complained, groused, whined and otherwise vented incessantly, until the wussy folks at Bioware decided to screw all the original voters and simply have the public vote yet again; the second time to determine what "HAIR COLOR" was the preferred choice. Like, the blond version that had easily won the majority of votes the first time didn't actually decide this for them - DUH? Oh well, the deed is done and here is your glimpse at the winner(s).


Anonymous said...

All of the bitches that griped, moaned, complained, groused, whined and otherwise vented incessantly should go the Grantbridge Street blog and add their names to the Cunt list.

Hubby Jack said...

Visually the red hair just fits best with the rest of the picture. It goes with the red glow on the earth.

HEH said...