Saturday, January 1, 2011

Science Fiction/Double Feature Presents: The Evil Men Do (Ziff-Davis;1951)

Today is the start of a new year and the very next golden age issue of Amazing Adventures #3 (June 1951); courtesy of the Catacombs "Science Fiction/Double Feature" and original publisher Ziff-Davis, of course.

"The Evil Men Do" is illustrated by Paul Parker. It's a fun story of hate, jealousy and the lengths that a jilted scientist goes to in his twisted desire to reclaim the women he loves, but no surprise, he pays the price for his actions.

The bonus feature today is the nifty front cover painting by Norman Saunders. Enjoy!


Porky said...

That cover is really something. There's a great sense of weight and motion. The astounding shocker isn't much of a shocker though.

Chuck Wells said...

These comics were pretty cool books. I've rounded up three of the six issues and am actively looking for the other half. I wanted the whole run the first time I saw the scans for the originals.

rnigma said...

Always loved Norm Saunders' work on Topps projects like Mars Attacks and Wacky Packages; it wasn't till quite recently that I discovered his work on the covers of ZD comics, and it's excellent... Saunders' art has a similarity to that of Frank Kelly Freas in style, skill, and sense of wonder.

Martin OHearn said...

Chuck, I'd credit this as one of the stories Jerry Siegel wrote at Ziff-Davis. He also did "Wedding Gift" and "The Asteroid Witch."