Saturday, January 22, 2011

Science Fiction/Double Feature Presents: Adonis 2 PX-89 (Ziff-Davis;1951)

This week kicks off the assortment of tales from Amazing Adventures #4 (Jul-Aug 1951); originally published by Ziff-Davis. The GCD attributes the painted front cover to Murphy Anderson, but I'm not so sure. The inside front cover piece "What Is The Answer?" contains six amazing facts that may or may not be true and the lead feature, "Adonis 2PX-89" concerns two aliens who plan the destruction of Earth even as their robots fall in love. Finally, "This Actually Happened" details weird events that have no explanation.



fortunato said...

Cover is by Allen Anderson

Chuck Wells said...

Good to know. Thanks!

borky said...

Venus: "You heard that! Will you let us be taken apart and packed with grease?"

Adonis: "Hell, no! But I'd sure love to take YOU apart and pack YOU with grease!"