Friday, March 19, 2010

"Gal"Friday! Emmanuelle Vaugier

In the halcyon days before I consolidated my cheesecake posts primarily into my weekly "Gal" Friday featurette, I had done a brief post on this smoking hot, incredibly sensual, beauteous actress and am now taking the time to "officially" induct her into the Catacombs.

Emmanuelle Vaugier has appeared in a number of television roles and minor feature films since 1992 when she debuted in a guest role on Highlander: The Series. Her extensive resume of genre fare includes roles on Charmed, Smallville (recurring), Andromeda, Masters of Horror, Supernatural and currently Human Target (recurring). Films that she has appeared in include Mind Storm, Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell, Painkiller Jane (pilot only), Cerberus, Saw II, House of the Dead 2, Unearthed and Saw IV.

She had a long running recurring role on CSI: NY as Detective Jessica Angell until the season five finale episode, during which her character was fatally shot during a kidnapping at a diner.

Ms. Vaugier is one of those women that will make your eyes melt just by looking at her, and kudos to the producers & casting agents who scored her spot on Human Target (a series that seems determined to feature the hottest ladies in the business every week). They worried me this week when it looked like her character had bought the farm, but fortunately it was only a tease and she will be back soon. Thank god! There's not one inch of her that I wouldn't eat breakfast off of, or lunch, or dinner. Mid-day snack?
Oh yeah.


Mykal Banta said...

Rule of life no. 67: Any woman named "Emmanuelle" is going to be a stone cold fox.

Thanks for supplying further verification of this maxum. -- Mykal

Chuck Wells said...

You are most welcome! Ms. Vaugier reduces me to a slobbering buffoon every time I see her.

joe ackerman said...

I have not seen ONE SINGLE THING listed in her resume, not one!

but, she's proper fit!

Chuck Wells said...

To correct this sad oversight on your part, my suggestion would be to seek out any of her 25 episodes of CSI: New York or check out the current Human Target episodes that feature her character.

Prepare to say "yummy"!