Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1970's Flashback: The Forever People

The Forever People are a group of adolescent heroes from the planet New Genesis (home of the New Gods; who well take a look at later on) and who oppose the evil Darkseid on our Earth. In addition to having their own individual powers, abilities and super-scientific equipment, the entire group can join together to become the powerful hero known as the Infinity-Man [by using a Mother Box] to handle particularly dangerous threats. The Forever People's method of transportation was a technological device called a "Super-Cycle."

Beautiful Dreamer - Dreamer has psionic powers, with which she can create illusions. She has also been able, like other New Gods, to sense fluctuations within the Source.

Big Bear - Big Bear has superhuman strength and can mentally alter the density of objects. In Forever People vol. 1, #7, he was shown to have been responsible for the historical event that led to the legend of King Arthur.

Mark Moonrider - In addition to his leadership skills, Mark also has a Megaton Touch, which allows him to shoot bolts of energy from his hands.

Serifan – Serifan is the youngest member of the group, and he has no super-powers, making him the most vulnerable. He dresses like a traditional cowboy and always carries "cosmic cartridges" for his six-shooters which possess numerous specific functions. Although all of the cartridges have never been catalogued, those seen in action have uses such as being able to generate an anti-gravitational force, create force-fields and tune the wielder into the "cosmic Harmony" that is linked to the Source.

Vykin – Vykin has magnetic powers which allow him to attract or repel objects of either iron or steel. He also has an innate talent with machines and electronics.

The characters first appeared in their own title, The Forever People (Feb. 1971) which was a part of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World concept. The series lasted eleven issues, but ended on a cliffhanger. In the final issue, the young heroes summoned Infinity-Man, swapping places with him (by jointly touching the Mother Box and shouting “Tarru” - see above) on a distant planet named Adon. Infinity-Man was seemingly destroyed in combat with Devilance the Pursuer, leaving the Forever People stranded there.

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