Thursday, September 6, 2007

1970's Flashback: The Warlord

DC Comics The Warlord was a sword and sorcery series, created by Mike Grell, that debuted in First Issue Special #8, (November 1975) before moving into its own title.

The title of The Warlord comes from the book’s lead character, Travis Morgan, who was given the name during the first few issues as he fought for the freedom of the underground world of Skartaris.

Vietnam veteran & SR-71 pilot Col. Travis Morgan passed through a hole in the earth's crust while flying over the north pole and landed in the hidden realm of Skartaris, a place where dinosaurs roamed and all manner of fantastic peoples and creatures existed. Travis Morgan became the Warlord as he fought villains such as the evil sorcerer Deimos as well as various tyrant kings. He was joined in this endeavor by scantily-dressed female barbarian Tara (who eventually became his wife) and gained various sidekicks including Machiste, Shakira, and his magic-wielding daughter Jennifer Morgan (who also came from the modern world).

A new Warlord series began in 2006 and attempted to reboot the series premise, but it was not a popular or critical success. This version was cancelled after ten issues.

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