Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"The Corpses That Wouldn't Stay Dead!" (Part IV)

In case you've not picked up on it thus far, I'm running an entire week of golden age comics scans for your edification. I've got a nice "marriage-gone-bad story" (courtesy of Karswell & THOIA) coming up for my 21st anniversary this Friday, but between now and then, we will see another Rulah Jungle Goddess tale and more humor features.

Today we're checking in with Four Favorites # 8 (Dec. 1942) which was published by Ace Publications. Check out the issues cover over to the left in my "Golden Age Gallery". This title ran individual stories of Ace's leading mystery men, though to my knowledge they were only seen together as a group on promotional frontispieces for war bonds and such. I picked Lash Lightning out of a line-up which included, the Unknown Soldier, Captain Courageous & Magno, but they may each appear here sometime down the line.


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Mr. Karswell said...

Nice supernatural superhero spooker... not sure what to think about the art though honestly, sometimes it looks great, other times the perspectives are stunningly flimsey and looked too rushed. But fun is the key here and it's got that going for it by the coffin load!